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        1.   Welcome to Suzhou City Hanshang Textile Co.,Ltd,We will serve for you with all our heart!  
          Ultrathin fabric series
          Memory fabric series
          Nylon taffeta series
          NP/PN series
          T400 series
          Imitated silk series
          Polyester taffeta serie
          Polyester pongee series
          Peach skin series
          Taslon series
          Faille series
          Oxford fabric series
          Suede series
          Gabardine plain weave s
          Nylon/cotton/poly serie
          Lining series
          Catalogue one Catalogue two Catalogue three
          Product name
          Memory fabric 75D*75D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD,WR
          Twill memory fabric 75D*75D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD,WR
          shinny memory fabric 75D*75D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD,WR
          two tone memory fabric 75D*75D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD,WR
          Jacquard pongee 75D*75D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD,WR
          polyester micro satin 75D*150D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD,WR,Brushed
          0.5 rib stop polyester taffeta 66D*68D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD,Water,Printed
          400T polyester taffeta 20D*20D 56"/57" 100% polyester PD,WR,Heavy cire
          400T 0.1 rib stop polyester taffeta 20D*20D 56"/57" 100% polyester PD,WR,Heavy cire
          0.25*0.5 rib stop polyester taffeta 20D*20D 56"/57" 100% polyester PD,WR,Heavy cire
          290T polyester taffeta 50D*50D 56"/57" 100% polyester PD,WR,Heavy cire
          400T 0.1 ribstop polyester taffeta 20D*20D 56"/57" 100% polyester PD,WR,Heavy cire
          400T plaid fabric 20D*20D 56"/57" 100% polyester PD,WR,Heavy cire
          400T 0.08 rib stop polyester taffeta 20D*20D 56"/57" 100% polyester PD,WR,Heavy cire
          300T dull polyester pongee 50D*50D 56"/57" 100% polyester PD,WR,Heavy cire
          polyester twill taffeta 20D*20D 56"/57" 100% polyester PD,WR,Heavy cire
          410T 0.25 double lattice polyester taffeta 20D*20D 56"/57" 100% polyester PD,WR,Heavy cire
          Imitation memory fabric 50D*50D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD,WR,PU clear
          300T dull polyester pongee 50D*50D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD,WR,PU clear
          240T polyester pongee 75D*75D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD,WR,PU clear
          320D poly taslon 70D*(160D+160D) 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR PU? Clear 2000mm
          228T dull poly Taslon 75D*150D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR PU Milky
          poly dobby honeycomb taslon 75D*150D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR PU Milky
          0.2 rib stop dull polyester pongee 75D*75D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR PU Milky
          Polyester Faille 75D*75D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR PU Milky
          Polyester satin 50D*50D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR PU Clear
          Polyester satin 50D*50D 57"/58" 100% polyester Print WR PU Clear
          Matte satin 50D*50D 57"/58" 100% polyester Print WR PU Clear
          Top PU Fabric 75D*75D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR Top PU
          twill dull pongee 75D*(75D+75D) 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR Pu Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          twill pongee 75D*75D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR Pu Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          metallic pongee 75D*(75D+75D) 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR Pu Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          ?polyester twill dull pongee 75D*(75D+75D) 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR Pu Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          polyester? jacquard? pongee 75D*75D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          polyester cationic taffeta 20D*30D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          400T Hidden line polyester taffeta 20D*20D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          matte plain polyester micro? 75D*150D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          imitation metallic yarn polyester pongee 75D*(75D+75D) 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/5000mm
          400T polyester diamond taffeta 20D*20D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR PU Milky 4000mm/5000mm
          400T0.13 double lattice? polyester taffeta 20D*20D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR PU Milky 5000mm/5000mm
          240T dull polyester pongee 75D*75D 57"/58" 100% polyester PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          polyester? pongee ribstop 50D*50D 57" 100% polyester 3 layers bondnig?
          240T polyester pongee 75D*75D 57" 100% polyester interlock bonding
          290T polyester pongee 50D*50D 57" 100% polyester interlock bonding
          high density faile 75D*75D 57" 100% polyester Release paper? milky film 10000mm/3000mm
          polyester faille 75D*75D 57" 100% polyester Release paper milky film 10000mm/5000mm
          290T polyester taffeta 50D*50D 57" 100% polyester Release paper film 10000mm/3000mm
          210T polyester taffeta 68D*68D 57" 100% polyester Release paper film 10000mm/8000mm
          300T dull polyester pongee 50D*50D 57" 100% polyester TPU vogue film 10000mm/5000mm
          300D DTY oxford 300D*300D 57" 100% polyester TPU white film 10000mm/3000mm
          0.15 rib stop polyester pongee 75D*75D 57" 100% polyester TPU white film 10000mm/3000mm
          245T nylon 70D*70D 56"/57" 100% nylon PD WR Heavy Cire
          210T0.3 plaid nylon? 70D*70D 56"/57" 100% nylon PD WR Heavy Cire
          290T nylon 40D*40D 56"/57" 100% nylon PD WR Heavy Cire
          210T nylon 70D*70D 56"/57" 100% nylon PD WR Heavy Cire
          dull twillTaslon 70D*160D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PVC coating
          228T dull nylonTaslon 70D*160D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PVC coating
          320T twill nylon taffta 70D*70D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Clear
          420D nylon oxford 420D*420D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Clear
          360T nylon taffta 30D*30D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Clear
          210T0.2 rib stop nylon fabric 70D*70D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky
          370T satin nylon fabric 40D*40D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky
          360T twill nylon 40D*40D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky
          flashing nylon 40D*40D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky
          walf checks nylon fabric 40D*40D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky
          nylon tiny honeycomb dobby Taslon 70D*160D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 1000mm
          320D dull nylonTaslon 70D*160D+160D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          210T nylon taffta 70D*70D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          twill nylon 70D*210D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          dobby taslon 70D*160D+160D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          shinny twill nylon 70D*160D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          320T stripe nylon taffta 40D*40D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          400T nylon taffta 30D*30D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          twill jacquard Taslon 70D*320D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          nylon barre mark 40D*40D+40D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          1/3 twill dull Taslon 70D*160D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          228T dull Taslon 70D*160D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          dull dobby nylon 70D*70D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          380T 0.1 ribstop nylon 30D*30D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          dull jacquard taslon 70D*160D+160D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          little honeycomb dobby nylon taffta 40D*40D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          rib stop nylon taffta 40D*40D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          300T dobby nylon taffta 40D*40D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          400T 0.1rib stop nylon taffta 20D*20D 56"/57" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          dobby nylon taffta 40D*40D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          stripe nylon? 70D*70D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          ?jacquard nylon taffta 70D*70D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 5000mm/5000mm
          320T twill nylon taffta 40D*40D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 5000mm/5000mm
          380T nylon taffta 20D*20D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 5000mm/5000mm
          380T 0.1rib stop nylon taffta 30D*30D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 5000mm/5000mm
          380T 0.1rib stop nylon taffta 40D*40D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 5000mm/5000mm
          400T nylon taffta 20D*20D 57"/58" 100% nylon PD WR PU Milky 5000mm/8000mm
          dull 0.2rib stop taslon 70D*160D 57" 100% nylon 3 layers bondnig?
          360T twill nylon 40D*40D 57" 100% nylon Release paper clear? film 10000mm/10000mm
          210T nylon taffta 70D*70D 57" 100% nylon Release paper clear film 10000mm/3000mm
          rib stop nylon fabric 70D*70D 57" 100% nylon TPU white film 10000mm/3000mm
          walf checks nylon fabric 40D*40D 57" 100% nylon TPU white film 10000mm/3000mm
          dobby nylon taffta 70D*70D 57" 100% nylon TPU clear film 10000mm/10000mm
          dobby nylon taffta 70D*70D 57" 100% nylon TPU clear film 10000mm/3000mm
          polyester pongee raindrop film   53"/54" 35%PU65% poly PD PU
          polyester pongee colorful film   53"/54" 37%PU63% poly PD PU?
          polyester pongeeflashing glass film   53"/54" 37%PU63% poly PD PU
          PN fabric 75D*70D 57"/58" 4% nylon96% dacron PD WR PU Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          Dupoint PU?   53"/54" 55%PU45%RE PD PU
          Nylon/Poly /Meatallic yarn? 70D*75D+40DMe?? 57"/58" 55%nylon40%poly5%Metallic PD WR
          NP fabric 70D*75D 57"/58" 55% nylon45% poly PD WR PU Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          two way spandex fabric (100D+40D0*(100D+40D) 57" 94%polyester6%spandex TPU clear film 10000mm/3000mm
          two way spandex pongee (100D+40D0*(100D+41D) 57" 94%polyester6%spandex 3 layers bondnig?
          nylon/cotton with metallic yarn 70D*32S+40DMe 57"/58" 65%nylon30%cotton5%Me PD WR
          nylon/cotton with metallic yarn 70D*32S+40DMe 57"/58" 65%nylon30%cotton5%Me PD WR
          nylon/cotton with metallic yarn 70D*21S+40DMe 57"/58" 65%nylon30%cotton5%Me PD WR
          nylon/cotton with metallic yarn 70D*21S+40DMe 57"/58" 65%nylon30%cotton5%Me PD WR
          nylon/cotton with metallic yarn 70D*32S+40DMe 57"/58" 65%nylon30%cotton5%Me PD WR
          nylon/cotton with metallic yarn 70D*21S+40DMe 57"/58" 65%nylon30%cotton5%Me PD WR
          nylon/cotton with metallic yarn 70D*21S+40DMe 57"/58" 65%nylon30%cotton5%Me PD WR
          N/C Fabric 70D*21S 57"/58" 65% nylon35% poly PD WR PU
          twill NP fabric 70D*75D 57"/58" 65% nylon35% poly PD WR PU CLear
          300T NP fabric 40D*50D 57"/58" 65% nylon35% poly PD WR?
          360T NP fabric 40D*50D 57"/58" 65% nylon35% poly PD WR PU CLear
          NP rib stop 40D*50D 57"/58" 70% nylon30%poly PD WR PU Milky 2000mm/2000mm
          miscellaneous fleece 50D*90D 56"/57" 92% nylon8%poly PD WR Heavy Cire
          2/2? twill pongee 75D*75D 56"/57" 92% nylon8%poly PD WR Heavy Cire
          Nylon /bright yarn meatallic 70D*70D+40DMe 57"/58" 95% nylon5%Me PD WR
          Nylon immitation metallic yarn 40D*(40D+70D) 57"/58" 99% nylon1% poly PD WR PU Milky 3000mm/3000mm
          Nylon immitation metallic yarn 40D*(40D+70D) 57"/58" 99% nylon1% poly PD WR PU Clear
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